Here are five stunners available for under $25,000

Rapid Finance on 10 August 2016

  • You could get a great looking car for under $25k
  • From Alfas to Fords, there's a lot from which to choose
  • Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder

Searching for a head-turning car, without the eye-popping price tag?

There is no shortage of great looking cars out there. Spend over $30k, and you could get a classically designed Mini Cooper. Spend more than $50k and could get the bicep-straining Ford Mustang.

Enter the $75k range, and you could drive home in a sleek and stylish Audi or Lexus. Pay upwards of $100k, and you've got the BMW M Series and Mercedes AMG division to choose from.

But, what if you're on a smaller budget? What if you want a car that looks great and goes well for less than $25k? Is it possible? Absolutely! Here's our list of the top five best looking cars available for under $25k.

1. Alfa Romeo Giulietta

2016 alfa romeo giulietta qv white roof rack

Image courtesy of

No list of exceptional looking cars would be complete without at least one Alfa Romeo. Superb styling, exquisite lines, and flamboyant curves are for what this Italian car company is known.

The Alfa Romeo does not share the same reputation for reliability as its European and Asian rivals. Yet, it's hard to deny, that in the looks department the Giulietta is well and truly ahead of the pack.

2. Kia Rio

kia rio sli grey sept2015

Image courtesy of

10 years ago, it was unlikely any Kia would've made a list of great looking cars. Today, though, and largely thanks to the work of chief designer Peter Schreyer, things are a little different.

From the distinctive 'tiger nose' grille to the sharpness of its headlights to the coupe-inspired sloping back, the Kia Rio exudes confidence, and all for a price well below $25k.

CarFrom price*What the critics say

Alfa Romeo Giulietta


"Italian flair and style like nothing else in this segment"
- James Ward,

Kia Rio


"A neat and attractive little vehicle"
- Alistair Kennedy,

*Exact pricing may differ depending on model and your location.

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3. Renault Captur

Renault Captur

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The French are known for their love of art and design. From Claude Monet to Christian Dior, France has always delivered striking works, which challenge the status quo and set new trends.

The Renault Captur reflects this penchant for uniqueness and pushing of boundaries. In other hands, it could have been a standard small SUV, under the French, however, it is anything but.

4. Mazda 3

New Mazda3 Astina hatch

Image courtesy of

Mazda call their styling 'Kodo: soul of motion', and love or hate it, it certainly sets their vehicles apart. With those sweeping lines and sculpted contours, there's no confusing a Mazda with anything else.

Both the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 feature the same dynamic looks and are available for less than $25k. The Mazda 3, though, is slightly prettier to our eyes, even if it is somewhat more expensive.

CarFrom priceWhat the critics say

Renault Captur


"Style in buckets, plenty of on-road ‘zing'.
- Tim O'Brian,

Mazda 3


"A gorgeous-looking vehicle from every angle."

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5. Ford Fiesta

2016 Ford Fiesta ST Mountune

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The Ford Fiesta is taught and tight, it's a small car with plenty of go power, as evidenced by the swept-back headlamps and that gaping Aston-inspired grille. It looks as good as it goes.

The design of the Fiesta may not be as vibrant as the Alfa, or as distinctive as the Kia, but there's still plenty to like here. This car boasts a simple and sleek finish, which just works.

CarFrom priceWhat the critics say

Ford Fiesta


" Fiesta has matured as it's aged and become sleek and stylish"

"The Renault Captur reflects this penchant for uniqueness and pushing of boundaries."

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