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Get the right tool for the job with an equipment loan, customised to your situation. Whether it's agribusiness, construction, medical, tech or industrial, we could help finance the equipment you need. We offer:

  • Fast loan application process
  • Competitive rates and loan repayments
  • No deposit needed - up to 100% finance available
  • Bad credit equipment finance specialists

Your dedicated loan specialist could seek out a loan that matches your needs and your circumstances. At Rapid Finance, we make it fast and easy to apply for equipment finance, even if you have bad credit.

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What is an equipment loan?

An equipment loan is a commercial finance product. It is designed to provide funds for the purchase of business equipment, while also using that equipment as security on the loan.

Examples of equipment we finance span a wide array, from heavy-duty construction machinery like excavators and bulldozers, to precision agriculture tools such as GPS-enabled tractors and irrigation systems. In healthcare, we cover advanced diagnostic machines, including MRI and X-ray equipment. For businesses, we provide solutions for high-end computing systems, servers, and even commercial kitchen appliances. This diversity in financing options showcases our commitment to supporting various industries, demonstrating that almost any type of equipment essential for your business's growth and operational efficiency can be financed with the help of Rapid Finance.

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Our business is finding you the best financing solution, fast, so that you can get on with yours. So no matter what the equipment you need financing, give us a call, and we could find the right solution for you.

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