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Also known as a Corporate Hire Purchase (CHP), a Hire Purchase (HP) or an Offer to Hire, a Commercial Hire Purchase is the most common type of vehicle finance for businesses. We offer:

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What is a Commercial Hire Purchase?

A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a type of car loan commonly used by Australian businesses to finance work vehicles. As part of a CHP, a lender purchases the desired vehicle and then 'hires' it back to the business in exchange for payment.

Hire Purchase for Businesses Across Australia

Benefits of Commercial Hire Purchase Car Loans

Within CHPs, customers have access to a variety of flexible loan repayment structures. The benefits of Commercial Hire Purchases include:

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What is a Commercial Hire Purchase?

Also known as a Hire Purchase or an Offer to Hire – is a common type of fixed rate car loan for businesses. As part of a CHP, a financial lender will agree to purchase the GST-inclusive amount of a vehicle, which will then be lent back to their client over a pre-determined period of time.

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