Wholesale Cars

Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

Save thousands through our wholesale car network

Got a need for speed? At Rapid, we find great deals on cars as quickly as we find car finance.

Once your car loan application is approved, we search our national network to find your perfect car at a wholesale price - saving you thousands.

You could even drive away the same day!

  • We handle everything. From finding the finance to finding the car
  • Save thousands - $2,000 to $3,000 on average
  • Rapid service - drive away in no time
  • Thorough checks inside and out - to ensure your peachy new ride’s not actually a lemon
  • Guaranteed to be covered by your car loan’s terms
  • No additional costs or fees involved

man applying for finance

Step 1 - Start your engines - apply today!

Complete your finance application before you start looking for cars. This way, we can get you the best deal possible on the car and the finance.

rapid finance team meeting

Step 2 - Steer us in the right direction

Once you’re approved, tell us what you need your new car for.

With our decades of experience, we can recommend the perfect car for the job - including ones you may not have considered.

We’ll tell you exactly which makes and models fit the bill at the right price.

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Step 3 - We drive the perfect bargain

We search our Australia-wide wholesale network for the ideal car to suit both yours and the lender’s requirements.

And our stringent quality standards mean saving a fortune doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality.


cars driving on highway

Step 4 - Ride off into the sunset

Sign the forms, drive away. That’s it!

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