Anna's New Jet Ski

About Anna

Anna wanted a new Jet Ski with $33,000 in debt defaults.

Anna and her husband took a risk on a business venture some time ago. Things didn't end up well, and her husband was declared bankrupt when the business went bust. As a guarantor, Anna was also left with thousands in credit defaults against her name.

Anna decided that her past mistakes were holding her back, and looked for ways to start rebuilding her tattered credit history. She decided that getting a loan for a Jet Ski was a simple way to re-establish her credit history—and get a long-overdue adventure, too!

So she saved up a healthy deposit for a Jet Ski loan, but found that it was difficult to find a lender who was willing to help her. Her bad credit history was seen as too much of a risk! That’s when she approached Rapid Finance for help.




Accounts Manager


$730 per week

Past Credit History

Approx. $33,000 in defaults

How We Helped

Where most lenders would not even consider Anna’s application, we looked at the finer detail. We took the time to verify Anna’s financial circumstances – from the details of her credit history, to the stability of her employment.

  • Step 1

    By combing through bankruptcy documentation, we found that all the debt on Anna’s credit history was due to her husband’s bankruptcy.

  • Step 2

    After additional checks, we also determined that she had a stable employment and overall financial situation.

  • Step 3

    We contacted the lender's credit manager directly and pitched the strengths of Anna’s case in terms of her stability and cash savings.

The Outcome

Anna got the Jet Ski!

Anna was able to borrow an extra $10,000 to purchase a brand new Jet Ski and re-establish her credit history.
Anna had bad credit, but through Rapid she got finance. How could we help you?
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Other People That Rapid Has Helped

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These case studies are based on actual outcomes we have achieved for real people. Their names and photographs have been changed.