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Need a new car but only have casual or short term employment? Getting approved for a loan depends on a number of factors including your financial situation, your credit history and what kind of employment you have. Generally, getting a loan is easier for those who have a secure form of income, but loans  could be approved for those in short term employment if financial stability can be shown in other ways. 

How long do I need to be employed at a job to get a loan?

In the eyes of any lender, a full-time employment contract/job is always preferred as it suggests stability and predictability - even if it’s a brand new job. When it comes to how long you need to be employed in a full-time position before you can get a loan, every single situation is different, but your chances are greatly improved if you have passed your probationary period. However, we have assisted customers that have been a week in their job and on probation.

Don’t worry though, if you’re brand new to a position and looking for a loan, there are other ways of showing your financial security. Call Rapid Finance to discuss your options on 1300 467 274

Can I get a loan if I have a part-time or casual job?

Because part-time and casual employment are seen as less stable than full-time contracts, you may need to demonstrate your financial stability in other ways and apply to specific lenders. At Rapid Finance, we have access to a huge range of lenders and could  help you strengthen your application to increase your chances of approval. Depending on the customers overall profile, we have assisted customers with casual employment with only one month under their belt. It really depends on the applicant's overall profile. 

Can I get a loan if I’m self-employed?

When you are self-employed it can often be harder to prove your income, which can be difficult for some - especially when their business is new. Things you can do to prove your financial stability include: (To help obtain a loan when self employed is)

  • Providing a larger deposit.

  • Demonstrating asset backing if you own a property to show that you’re more financially stable.

  • Ensuring you have no defaults on your credit file.

  • Previous loans that have been paid on time

Read about Colin, who secured finance to get a truck for his new business, despite the banks turning him down.

If you’re self-employed and concerned about securing a loan, our financial experts could help you figure out exactly what to do next. Even if we can't help you today, we’ll give you our expert suggestions  on how to improve your future chances of getting finance while self-employed, in short-term employment or working casually. 

How can Rapid Finance help?

At Rapid Finance, we can generally assist you if you in securing a loan, even if:

  • You’ve only been working casually for one or two months.

  • You’ve only just started a full-time or part-time position but you have proof of a previous job.

  • You’re in your first full-time or part-time role and have been working there for at least a month.

  • You’re a subcontractor who has one stable source of income for six months (sometimes even less).

Whether you’re in a full-time, temporary or part-time position, every loan application is different. If you’re looking for a bad credit car loan, working full-time generally means you can apply straight away, while those in casual or part-time roles may need to wait a little longer.

At Rapid Finance, we review your unique circumstances and will recommend lenders who will consider your employment status – whether that is part-time, full-time or casual. We even have access to lenders who consider probationary employment periods.

Ready to secure your loan? See how Rapid Finance can help. Call 1300 467 474 today.

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