Rapid Finance on 29 October 2014

This Guide to Budget Management will help you: 

  • Find Financial Planners

  • Weigh up Financial Options

Financial strain can be taxing on more than just your wallet and can cause a great deal of discontent.

If you feel stressed due to money worries, this may impact your general health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally – and possibly cause strain on relationships.

It's therefore important to be fully aware of your financial state in order to stay on top of your obligations and remain stress-free. If you feel it’s all too much, or are struggling to create a budget that works, there are a great number budgeting tools that can help you arrange a budget to get you out of debt. Here’s Rapid Finance’s pick of the better tools.

Financial Planners

Financial Planners cover various aspects of money management including tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, and cash flow management. They will assess your income and expenditure to help set up a budget you can stick to.

The Financial Planning Association of Australia has a useful online tool that allows you to search for a financial planner near you.

Your Bank

If you'd rather deal with a familiar company, making an appointment with the financial planner at your bank is an option. Some banks also have the choice of an online budget planner.

Online Budget Planners

There are numerous online budget planners which enable you to manage your own budget, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. Some the best tools are:

  1. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) runs MoneySmart – a website that offers guidance on money management for all Australians.

  2. Money Manager provides news, guides, tips and various calculators – including a budget calculator – to help you get ahead.

  3. Stay on top of your finances with Pocketbook – available to use on the web and as app on your phone. It helps you to know exactly where your money is going and how much is safe to spend at the touch of a button.

Your Finance Options in the Meantime

Getting back on top of your finances can be a long and trying road. But in the meantime, life goes on – and you may still need access to funds or finance. For example, while you're working hard to save money, your worn-out car finally disintegrates, leaving you little option but to look for a car loan.

If that sounds like a familiar situation, Rapid Finance may still be able to help you – our expert team have a range of bad credit finance solutions which may suit your circumstances – even if your finances have seen better days.

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