Rapid Finance on 16 June 2022

Have you been dreaming of finally driving home your dream car? Or are you ready to take the leap into home-owning? Maybe you’re considering investing in something personal. How exciting! But you need to act fast to make that financial dream a reality.

In today’s market, getting approved for the finances you need is difficult enough on its own. Factor in the additional stress of loan approval turnaround times, and it’s a recipe for anxiety and uncertainty. 

That’s where Rapid Finance’s solution-based finance options could help! We have 20+ years of experience in getting our customers some of the best finance solutions. Say goodbye to long waiting periods, because we can generally match you with a loan in under 24 hours – no gimmicks. (In some cases we can do it within a few hours, depending on the customer’s overall profile).

How could our super-speedy process work for you?

We understand that when you need a loan, time is of the essence. Whether it’s taking advantage of a time-critical price point or securing a one-off asset like the house of your dreams, when you need capital, you often need it fast.

We’re Rapid by name and rapid by reputation. It’s our passion tailoring finance solutions for your needs and goals, generally, no matter what those look like – or where you're starting from.

The Rapid Finance process involves just three super-easy steps.

   1. You submit an application

The only work you need to do when you choose to work with us is fill out an online application or chat to us over the phone. This will take you just 5–15 minutes to complete (no, seriously!) and we just require some basic information from you to get started.

We’ll ask you about:

  • The loan type you’re after (you might be seeking a home or car loan, for example)

  • The nature of the asset you’re looking to purchase (have you identified the home you’d like to purchase? We’ll ask about the predicted sale price and your current deposit savings, if you have any.

  • We will request some documents from you. Generally pay slips and bank statements.

  • Your best contact details – so we can follow up with you ASAP and progress your application!

And that is it. This whole step can be completed online or, if you prefer to speak to a specialist, you can call us on 1300467274. 

   2. We find you finance

By this point, all that’s left for you to do is sit tight while we find you finance. Rapid Finance will assign you your very own finance specialist, who will support you every step of the way.

They will:

  • Assess your unique circumstances

  • Identify your financial strengths and weaknesses

  • Present your case to a prospective lender and negotiate with them on your behalf

  • Secure a loan that will work for your proposed purchase and financial standing

Your assigned specialist will translate the jargon, evaluate most options and generally access loan solutions that aren’t readily available to the average consumer going through this process alone. It’s a win-win-win.

This entire process will generally take just one or two business days, so you can keep the momentum going and get kicking goals sooner!

   3. Enjoy!

That’s the whole Rapid process from start to finish. We’re committed to streamlining your financial journey, so you can focus on the exciting road ahead while we take care of the admin.

Once we confirm you have secured finance, you get to proceed with your purchase – and hit the road, grab the keys to your new place or car and generally start seriously saving on interest.

And if your financial situation changes in the future, don’t fret. The Rapid Finance team is always here to help you navigate any change in your financial situation, so you have total peace of mind.

Ready to experience just what we mean by ‘Rapid’ Finance?

If you’re ready for your next financial chapter to begin, contact us today or apply online to receive your free finance assessment.

On a side note, don’t forget about our wholesale cars. We offer a one stop shop to help you source a vehicle through our extensive wholesale network.

Through our network, we will do some extra checks on your behalf as well as inspecting the vehicle to ensure it’s a great vehicle.

We will also check :

  • There is no money owing on the vehicle

  • The vehicle has not been a repairable write-off

  • The vehicle has not in any serious accidents 

  • We will check everything works on the vehicle 

  • We will get the roadworthy for the vehicle

  • We will do a detailed inspection on the vehicle 

Find out more info about our wholesale network vehicles



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