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Small price tag, big features.

The Toyota Yarris Ascent enters the marker at under $15,000. Over the years, the humble hatch has become roomier, more comfortable and feature filled. The 2015 Toyota Yaris is among the leaders in this space, along with the Hyundai 20i and the Honda Jazz.

A 6.1” touchscreen now comes standard in the Toyota Yaris, which along with Bluetooth and phone connectivity, is linked to a handy reverse-view camera. Other modern comforts are not forgotten, with USB charging and auxiliary inputs, voice control and automatic headlights.

Along with a low upfront cost, the Toyota Yaris Ascent is cheap to service. Joshua Dowling from Cars Guideestimates only $840 in servicing costs over 3 years, at six month intervals. This makes the Yaris Ascent one of the cheapest in the hatchback market, with other competitors at least $500 dearer in this regard.

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Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Surprisingly roomy

Space is one of the Yaris’ strengths. Even for small families, sometimes a big shopping trip is called for, and the 2015 Toyota Yaris will be able to satisfy most regular needs. A hatchback is not a big car, but Toyota have made sure that no room has gone to waste in the Yaris.

As Trent Nikolic notes, the 2015 Toyota Yaris can accommodate a surprising amount of cargo and passengers of all sizes. There is plenty of storage, with up to 286 litres of volume ready to be stuffed with cargo, if needs be. This is helped by the fact that the back seats can be folded down flat, ideal for those occasional trips to IKEA.

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Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Made for city driving

This car has city DNA built in. Although it comes standard with cruise control, signalling the car’s capability for long drives, its real strength in handling the everyday commute with ease – work, school, shopping and weekend entertainment.

Fuel economy is good. Toyota officially estimates 5.7 litres per 100km, though Tim Britten of motoring.com.au suggests more in the range of 7.8L in varying of driving conditions. This isn’t the lowest fuel economy on the market, but it is low, and any fuel savings from other manufacturers are offset by the low servicing costs from Toyota.

And of course safety is always a concern, no matter how small the family. The 2015 Toyota Yaris ticks the boxes with ANCAP safety, awarded a maximum 5-star rating.


The 2015 Toyota Yaris Ascent is a modern, fuel efficient city car, complete with modern features that won’t break the bank. With surprising space available and cheap to run, the Yaris Ascent is one of the best options available in the Australian light car market. Toyota also has great resale value, so it could easily be traded if your small family starts to grow.

This is ideal for young or small families who are looking for a reliable new car, without getting bogged down in high costs.

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2015 toyota yaris ascent interior 01

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au