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  • Qualifying even with bad credit is possible!
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  • Get finance for used cars from dealers or private sales
  • No deposit - no worries!
  • Wide range of used car lending options
  • Free Credit Check - no mark on credit profile
  • Tailored service to match your circumstances and needs
  • Affordable Repayments

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What is Used Car Finance?

Used car finance is simply a loan to help you buy a used vehicle without paying the full amount upfront. The loan is secured against the vehicle you are buying, which makes the loan less risky for the lender. The benefit for you, is that the loan rates may be lower, due to the security on the vehicle. While the rates and terms might be a bit different from loans for brand-new cars, used car finance could help you drive away with a car that fits your budget and needs.

All vehicle types including cars, caravans, motorbikes, vans or boats are considered with our used 'car' finance service.

Is it Better to Get a Used Car?

There are several advantages of choosing a used car loan over a new car loan - and it's not just about the costs:

While there are advantages to opting for a used car loan, it's essential to consider your personal needs, preferences, and financial situation. Both new and used cars come with their own set of benefits, so it's about finding the right fit for your circumstances. Also check out our new car finance page when considering your best options.

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