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Premium Build Quality

The first thing you will notice about the 2015 Outback is that has been built well. Really well. As you sink into the upholstered leather seats, turn on the ignition and adjust the climate control, you will notice that nothing feels cheap or tacky.

Along with the build quality, Toby Hagon from Drive adds that everything is simple to use and intuitively designed. Although the Outback’s overall design doesn’t break new ground, attention has been paid to the smaller details. Controls have been cushioned with soft plastic, and accents of brushed metal show off a simple and clean dashboard and centre console.

Subaru has rolled much of the Premium Outback’s controls to the large seven inch integrated touch screen – the window to the car’s remarkably intelligent brain.

From the screen, the driver can quickly access everything from satellite navigation, to in-build apps like Pandora radio. There is little need to reach for the screen, however, as the intelligent voice recognition software can take commands to change music, make a phone call or adjust the temperature. Feann Torr from motoring.com.au gave this system his tick of approval: "In practice it works well — it's not as smooth as an iPhone but it's a good effort from Subaru."

2015 subaru outback interior 03

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Comfort and Performance

Almost all reviewers, from Cars Guide to motoring.com.au, were impressed with the Outback's achievements in balancing comfort, practicality and performance. For both the driver and the passengers there is plenty of room to go around within an expansive cabin and wide, comfortable seats. Now when you’re transporting a full-house, there will never be squabbles over who takes the middle seat.

The Outback has a solid amount of grunt combined with smooth handling and responsive feedback. The Continuous Variable Transmission, CVT, is quiet and consistent with smooth gear changes, and can be over-ridden with the flick of paddle.

Subaru has optimised the all-wheel drive system for any driving scenario, with Intelligent, Sports, Sports Sharp and X-Mode driving modes that will keep the wheels gripped on any surface to come your way.

Subaru has managed to deliver this performance whilst isolating the cabin from most tyre, wind and engine noise. As James Ward from Car Advice puts it: "In terms of a practicality package, there are few, if any, areas to find fault with the new Outback."

The boot has also has been given a boost, from 490 litres in previous models to 512 litres in the 2015 Outback. There is more than enough room to transport a family and the weekend’s supplies in comfort and style. Quite an achievement.

2015 subaru outback interior 01

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Advanced Safety

One of the biggest and best parts of the 2015 Subaru Outback is the range and quality of safety features.

There are plenty of passive safety features you might expect in an ANCAP 5-Star rated vehicle, including seven airbags and shock absorbing bonnet with boxer engine.

But what makes the Premium Outback extra safe is the addition of Subaru’s advanced EyeSight driver assist system. This technology can recognise break lights and monitors the vehicle's speed and sway. If it detects an incoming collision or safety hazard, it actively responds by alerting the driver of danger or applying breaking force in emergencies. James Ward from Car Advice praises this system, noting it as one of the best in the market.


The 2.5i Premium Outback is a great modern all-purpose vehicle from Subaru. It ticks all the boxes from entertainment, space, comfort and performance, as well as packing in excellent safety features.

This car is ideal for a family who want the versatility of a wagon, the benefits of an SUV, and advanced safety features.

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2015 subaru outback interior 02

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au