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An SUV killer?

The Octavia Scout is a pragmatic and practical ride which takes compact SUVs head-on. Last year, the Octavia Wagon was Drive’s Family Car winner, and the newest iteration only improves upon this award-winning formula. Skoda has even skimmed the price of the Octavia Scout, with the base diesel model discounted by a whopping $7000.

These achievements have only impressed car experts. Andrew MacLean of Drive concludes his assessment by declaring that the Octavia Scout is "not just another alternative to the growing league of SUVs but, in most ways, a smarter, more practical one with more interior space”. This sentiment is shared by other experts, such as Ken Gratton, writing for motoring.com.au, who notes that even the entry-level Scout “was more refined than other, similarly priced SUVs”.

Mike Costello from Car Advice is another fan, commending the Octavia Scout’s internal build. He notes that the refined pragmatism of this vehicle really shines through with its uncluttered and tactile interior, made from quality and hard wearing materials. Although Skoda’s external styling might not turn heads, but it’s nothing to baulk at either, with tasteful styling and handsome alloys.

2015 skoda octavia scout interior 01

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Around town practicality

One of the Octavia Scout’s biggest hits with critics is its amount of space. This is not only in terms of cargo space—a whopping 588L with seats up and a van-like 1718L with seats down—but also in terms of passenger and driver comfort. There is headroom and legroom aplenty, with Mike Costello noting that four large adults could sit very comfortably; there is plenty of personal space for a family on the move.

This comfort and space means that the Octavia Scout is ready for all the demands of everyday family life. When it comes to family routines such as school, car-pooling, sport, shopping, DIY weekends, the Scout is a great and capable companion.

It performs these duties with a subtle sense of class, too. In addition to a quality build, according to Ken Gratton the 8-inch touch screen in the petrol variant is easy to use and comes with all the necessary bells and whistles, such as sat nav, reverse camera display, Bluetooth, USB and Aux. The Scout is also economical with an official 7.1L per 100km.

Most families would find themselves happy in the Octavia for everyday their needs. Indeed, previous owners almost overwhelmingly positive about their purchase.

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Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Out and about performance

But the Scout is much more than a family friendly city driver. With extra ground clearance and protected underbody, it’s designed for the occasional adventure too. Ewan Kennedy goes on record for loving the turbo-petrol Octavia Scout for its smoothness, responsiveness in all conditions. Torque is readily available at low revs which gives acceleration a spritely bump—reaching 100 in under eight seconds.

This smooth and reliable performance is matched by great handling. Malcom Flynn from Cars Guide notes smooth performance over corners and bumps, whilst Ken Gratton commends the Scouts dynamic ability, with great response and wheel communication.

Gear shifts from the automatic transmission are swift and responsiveness, whilst the stable and grippy 4WD system is also a highlight. Mike Costello felt highly confident in the Scout's abilities at speed, on sharp corners or in wet conditions. Other than serious off-road situations, there is little that would present as a challenge for the Scout. This wagon is certainly more capable than it appears.

For long highway trips, the Skoda Scout’s roomy and comfortable cabin is another highlight; the Sat Nav and easy controls will certainly come in handy when venturing away from home. There are also plenty of 5-Star safety features, including up to nine airbags, front and rear sensors, driver fatigue monitoring with other upgradable options. Whatever your family’s needs, the Octavia Scout has it checked out.


The Octavia Scout is sure to silence any Skoda-sceptics. The Scout is a dutiful weekday car and a surprising holiday-enabler for a small or medium sized family, offering exceptional comfort, performance, style and safety. All this, at less-than-premium prices.

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Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au