Power and Performance

The Navara NP300 ST performs well all round, as we've come to expect from utes in this class, and is suitable for work, play and as a family vehicle. The new engine is a 2.3-litre four cylinder twin-turbo diesel that produces 140kW and 450Nm of torque, outperforming the similarly priced HiLux and Amarok, but is a bit less powerful than the Ford Ranger. The twin turbos also work well together so that one works in the low rev range and the other kicks in as you increase speed. The automatic transmission also performs well without complaint and chooses the right spot to drop down on hills.

Nissan Navarra rear

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Another big selling point of the Navara ST is the five-link coil-spring rear-end suspension, a feature that sets the Navara apart from its other mainstream rivals. Matt Campbell from caradvice.com.au said that "over most surfaces the Navara feels much more settled than rival utes such as the Mazda BT-50, Ford Ranger and maybe - just maybe - the benchmark Amarok". It's not all good news, however, as the steering is a bit cumbersome. It takes around four turns from lock to lock, a lot more than some of it's competitors.

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Comfort and Technology

From the inside, the new Navara has the refined and comfortable cabin that new model utes tend to have. Gone are the days of strictly utilitarian interiors, work vehicles these days come with a bit more style and comfort. The Navara is no exception to this trend, the ST model comes with a 5-inch touchscreen media system and reversing camera. Overall, the cabin materials are practical and hard-wearing but well laid out and attractive.

Nissan Navarra interior

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

The driver's seat is adjustable, but the steering wheel is not, which may be a deal-breaker for drivers with long legs. Marton Pettendy from motoring.com.au said, "Unlike the Amarok, which you sit IN thanks to a driver's seat and steering wheel that can be adjusted for any body shape, you still sit ON the Navara's driver's seat and reach out to a tiller that's too far away".

Nissan Navarra backseats

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Both the front and back seats have plenty of room for passengers but parents of young ones will have the hassle of an unconventional top-loop child-seat system rather than the leading ISOFIX system. And while the Navara comes with a range of safety features including seven airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes and more, it lacks some of the newer features of competitors such as the Ford Ranger's lane keeping alert, adaptive cruise control, driver impairment monitoring and emergency assistance.

Exterior, Tub and Towing

The newly designed exterior is well proportioned with good lines throughout, looking strong without being ugly or overbearing. The rear cabin window also features an electric opening window so that "you can yell at someone (or be yelled at) when reversing or let the mutt poke his head inside" according to Joshua Dowling from carsguide.com.au.

Nissan Navarra tray

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

When it comes to towing and payload, the Navara has had an upgrade to the equal best towing capacity in the class, 3500kg, and this model has a payload of 986kg. The tub measure in at 1503mm front-to-back, 1560mm wide, 1130mm between the wheel arches and 474mm deep. This means that the Navara is not quite big enough for a standard Aussie pallet measuring 1165mm, a task that the Amarok has no trouble with, boasting its deeper and wider tray.

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There's stiff competition in the ute market these days with many of the major players having released new models recently. How does the Navara measure up against the competition? Well, that depends on what features are important to you. If an adjustable steering wheel or the extra safety features of the Ranger, for example, are must haves then you'll want to look elsewhere. But if you want a powerful ute for work and play with a huge towing capacity and extremely comfortable ride, then the Navara ST may be just what you're looking for.

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