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Our Thoughts

This car is a piece of history. When Holden finally closes its Australian factories in 2017, many will feel a sense of loss over what might be Australia’s best made car: the Holden Commodore.

But what makes the Commodore so great? It’s the high standard of quality and performance blended with a unique Australian legacy.


Holden may pride itself on quality and standards, however according to Paul Maric from Car Advice, there are some parts which may feel 'low-rent', such as the steering wheel. But, as Maric concedes in his glowing review of the 2015 Commodore, that minor details are can be largely overlooked. As a package, this vehicle is big, spacious and great value.

It is packed with features you might expect from a car well above its price range. It has been fitted with sensors and cameras to assist the driver in tight urban environments. Whether it’s reversing, checking for cyclists or nabbing the last park at the shops, this car has the technology to make those tight squeezes and quick dodges.

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Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Power and Performance

What makes Commodores loved by Australians of all ages? The answer is under the hood. Commodores are the canvas of choice for creating powerful modified street machines. But - as Marton Pettendy from motoring.com.au points out - there has been no performance improvements from the previous year's model.

Souped-up V8 machines usually get most of the attention, such as Holden's racing variant, the HSV Clubsport. As Paul Gover suggests in his Cars Guide review of the Commodore, what is often overlooked is the practical performance and application of V6 models. There is more than enough power under the hood to lift off at the lights to make a lightning–quick overtake...or fang it on a long straight. Combined with precision steering, no street is an obstacle to the Holden Commodore.

The Sedan hums along comfortably, and Paul Maric notes that torque is delivered quickly with a satisfying grunt of the engine at high revs. It might not be a HSV Clubsport, but there is plenty to like here. Tap on cruise control and this car would be an ideal long-haul highway cruiser. There is also plenty of legroom and boot space to pack all you need for the weekend getaway with friends or family.

2015 holden commodore interior 01

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au


The 2015 Commodore Sedan is a modern, high performance vehicle packed with value. Whether it's navigating through the morning traffic, dodging road hazards or cruising down the highway, the iconic Australian Commodore is a great choice as a fun, yet practical, large-sized sedan. Own a piece of history today.

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2015 holden commodore interior 02

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au