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Toyota was Australia's most popular new car brand in 2023!

Need a car loan for a Toyota? Rapid Finance can help you find your Toyota finance with total freedom and confidence. We'll work with budget and credit profile to find the right deal for you - with no 'hard' marks on your credit file.

Through our extensive lender network, we can access a wide range of loan products - and could get you a better finance deal than dealer finance for your Toyota.

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Why a Toyota?

Put simply, there is no better choice of practical car than a Toyota. The company sells more units in Australia than any other producer, outselling their nearest competitor by nearly two to one. And in 2015, the Toyota Corolla was named the number one seller in the country (with the HiLux coming in third).

The Japanese motoring giant was recently named the third most reliable by Choice and second most reliable by CNN Money. And all current Toyota models carry five star safety ratings (except the Hiace LWB van). So if you want a new or second hand car that ticks every box, choose a Toyota.

Why Rapid?

Compared with dealer finance, Rapid could find you a loan that has:

  • A lower interest rate
  • More favourable terms
  • Better flexibility
  • Interest reducing loans
  • No penalties for extra repayments
  • No hard sell

We have access to an extensive list of car loan options so we can tailor a loan that matches your budget, needs, and situation. Contact a Rapid car loan specialist today.

Toyota loans

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  • Experienced in loans for Toyotas
  • Fast application process

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