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About Bec

Find out how Bec beat the dealership and got a great loan rate

Life is changing fast for Bec. After spending most of her professional life in sales, she decided to take the plunge and moved into account management at her partner’s business. It’s an exciting opportunity, and she’s ready to commit long term.

Bec and her partner, David, have recently bought their home and had managed to build up equity after paying off some of the mortgage. David’s income contributes to the mortgage, while Bec’s income contributes to other expenses, such as her car loan.

With things going the way they are, Bec decides that she can trade in her current car and upgrade. While shopping around for a new set of wheels, a dealership offers Bec finance. But she was sceptical that it was a good deal. That’s when she got in contact with Rapid Finance.

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Early thirties


New job as an account manager


Two-income household

How we helped

We took a careful look at Bec's situation, and focused on her financial strengths.

  • Step 1

    We determined that Bec’s new employment was a long-term and stable commitment to a new industry.

  • Step 2

    We found that Bec’s husband would be the main contributor to the mortgage and that there was already equity in the home.

  • Step 3

    We approached the right lender, showing the strength of Bec’s financial situation and made a case for accessing a low rate.

The outcome

Bec got a low rate!

Bec was able to trade in her old car for a brand new one, and score a low loan rate of 4.9% (5.43% comparison) that the dealership couldn't match!

Bec was looking for a great deal for her car loan, and she found one with our help. How can we help you?
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