Trent gets equipment to build a business

About Trent

Find out how Trent started a business with bad credit

Trent has spent most of his professional life in the transport industry. Recently, he made a move into manufacturing. He has enjoyed the change in direction, his experience has given him a business idea. His real dream was to be his own boss, so he started making plans to build a small business.

His plan was to start small, building the business on the weekends and in his spare time. Ideally, he wanted to make it a full-time gig in twelve months – ambitious, but achievable. After all, many small businesses start from humble beginnings!

All he needed was a piece of equipment called a mobile saw mill. Unfortunately, Trent found that he couldn't seem to get equipment finance. He couldn't start the business without a mobile saw mill! So, Trent turned to Rapid Finance to discover his options.





Past Credit History

Credit card and previous hire-purchase defaults

How we helped

We helped Trent access his business asset with a rental contract.

  • Step 1

    We were able to find a rental contract that matched his business goals.

  • Step 2

    We demonstrated his ability to meet the contract terms from his monthly salary.

  • Step 3

    We kept the option open for Trent to purchase the asset in a year, depending on the stage of his business.

The outcome

Trent got his mobile saw mill!

Trent was able to obtain the equipment he needed to build his business.

We helped Trent get the equipment he needed. How could we help you achieve your business goals?
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