Rachael Rebuilds Her Credit History with Motorcycle Finance

About Rachael

How a New Motorcycle Helped Rachael Re-establish Her Credit History

Rachael would be first to admit that her credit history isn’t perfect. Although she was discharged from bankruptcy years ago, she suspects that it’s still affecting her credit history. This isn’t helped by a couple of recent slip-ups, including direct debit overdraws on her bank account and a default on a utility bill.

But for the most part, things are looking up for Rachael. After completing three months with her new employer, she has been offered a full-time position. She also recently saved up enough money to purchase a new car.

With her situation improving, Rachael began looking into ways to fixing her credit history. She decided that a bike loan would be a manageable financial commitment ideal for rebuilding her credit history, whilst indulging her interest in motorcycles. But would anyone be willing to lend to her? That’s where Rapid Finance came in.


47 years old


Approaching full-time


$900 per week

Past Credit History

Previous bankruptcy

How We Helped

  • Step 1

    Using Rachael's new car as security, we were able to reduce the risk for the lender and increase Rachael's chances for a bike loan.

  • Step 2

    We were able to show that her utility bill default and direct debit issues were only due to an address mix-up and mismatch in her payment cycle.

  • Step 3

    We obtained a copy of her employment contract from her new employer and demonstrated her ongoing involvement and security in the industry.

The Outcome

Rachael got her bike!

She was able to borrow $8,000, purchase a new motorcycle and set up the foundations for building a stronger credit history.

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