Tyre and Rim Insurance

Don’t let a blow-out turn into a bank account wipeout. Keep on the road with cost effective insurance for the repair and replacement of damaged tyres and wheel rims. Tyre and Rim Insurance can cover:

  • Tyre punctures and damage
  • Wheel rim cracks and damage
  • Towing fees up to $120
  • Repairs and replacements

Coverage includes tyre damage incurred as a result of potholes, nails, glass, road debris or a blowout. It also includes cracking and warping of wheel rims as a result of potholes, kerbs and road debris.

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How does Tyre and Rim Insurance work?

Tyre and Rim Insurance provides cover for the tyres and wheel rims on your car when you need it most. Coverage includes repair or replacement for damaged or punctured tyres and damaged wheel rims.

Optional Emergency Benefits

Cover yourself with 24 hour roadside assistance if you are immobilised due to:

This insurance also covers you up to $500 for emergency accommodation if you can’t make the journey home

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