Comprehensive Car Insurance

At Rapid Finance, we take the worry out of car insurance. We offer straight-forward policies that make it easy to understand what is covered. Our comprehensive car insurance solutions include:

  • Cover for accidental loss or damage
  • Cover for multiple drivers
  • Cover for damage to other people’s property
  • Cover for a range of incidents

We can customise your comprehensive insurance to cover just the things you need. We can also provide Legal Liability cover for up to $20 million worth of damage to other people’s property.

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What Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

Whether or not you’re at fault,* Comprehensive Car Insurance could help keep your heart rate down and your bank account stable. With options such as lifetime guarantees on repairs, new-for-old car replacement and cover for damage to other people’s property – they don’t call it comprehensive for nothing.

Comprehensive insurance can include options to cover you for:

Obviously, adding extra options to your policy will increase the cost.

Lower Kilometres Can Equal Lower Premiums

At Rapid, we understand that the less you drive, the less likely you are to be in an accident. If you have low kilometres travelled, you may be eligible for a reward of lower premiums.

*Legal exclusions can apply for accidents involving drugs and alcohol or dangerous driving offences. Contact Rapid for more information.

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