Same day car loan with bad credit: How we helped Julia

About Julia

Julia and her daughter needed a new car

Julia is a single mum in her late forties. She's looking to buy a small car to share with her daughter who is a uni student and starting to become more independent.

Julia's financial situation is stable — she has been employed with the same company for over ten years. She even has a salary sacrificed Novated Lease through her employment. The problem is Julia has bad credit because she has a discharged bankruptcy.

Even though the bankruptcy was a long time ago, her bad credit history was making it difficult to find finance for her new car. So she decided to try Rapid Finance.




Stable employment

Past Credit History

Discharged bankruptcy

How we helped

We focused on Julia strengths, not her weaknesses.

  • Step 1

    We demonstrated that Julia's long term employment made her financial situation very stable.

  • Step 2

    We were able to use the statements of Julia's Novated Lease to provide a reference for good credit after her bankruptcy.

  • Step 3

    We showed that Julia's bad credit history was not as important as her current financial stability.

The Outcome

Julia got approved for finance on the same day she applied

The strength of Julia's current financial situation proved to be more important than her bad credit history. She was able to buy a small hatchback for her and her daughter.
Julia had bad credit, but Rapid Finance was able to show the strength of her financial situation.
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Other People That Rapid Has Helped

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