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Spacious and ready.

Every parent of a growing family knows that more space is always better. Whether it's a new car, or school uniform, it's wise to leave a little wiggle room. When you have four or five kids in tow, it’s hard to predict what you might need in the family car.

Whether it’s the morning school drop, a getaway to the coast or the big weekend grocery run, the Santa Fe Highlander is an efficient and spacious family car ready for all the demands of a big family.

Neil Dowling from Cars Guide praises the Santa Fe for its abundance of space. With the third and second seating rows folded down, there is over 1600L of space, ready to be filled with a trip to the hardware store or extra capacity when it comes to moving house.

2015 hyundai santa fe highlander interior 01

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Equipped for any occasion

Plenty of space is certainly necessary, but it isn’t the only prerequisite when it comes to the family car.

A modern family needs a modern car equipped with useful technology. The Santa Fe Highlander has been fitted with tried and tested technology. In 2015, technology is no longer a luxury -- it's a necessity in any new family car.

A large 7” touch screen display fitted into the centre console feels like something found in a more upmarket SUV. Its simple and clear interface can easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth to make hands free calls and stream music when you’re on the go. Rod Chapman from motoring.com.au notes that the Santa Fe's long list of specs will keep family members of all ages occupied and entertained, noting that living with a Santa Fe was "easy" and "luxurious",

The size and quality of this screen comes in handy when operating the rear view camera. When combined with smart sensors, navigating urban environments will become a breeze. In fact, Hyundai have taken out most of the work, with a reverse parallel parking system which controls the steering wheel to get a perfect park, every time.

Comfort-wise, Hyundai have made sure that even the most restless passenger won’t kick up a fuss. The third seating row, as Matt Campbell from Car Advice points out, is most suited to the junior members of the family. The luxury comforts, such as heated seats, are reserved for the driver and the passenger. Naturally.

2015 hyundai santa fe highlander interior 02

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au

Solid performance combined with great economy

You never know when you might need a bit of power in the family car. But more often than not, it’s fuel efficiency and general performance which will remain the biggest priority over the life of the car.

The Santa Fe Highlander balances the need for occasional power with excellent diesel fuel economy. The six speed gearbox is smooth and pops into power when the Highlander starts climbing. Although Matt Campbell from Car Advice notes that this performance comes at the cost of comfort, noting that the ride can be "jiggly and unsettled". As for towing capacity, the Highlander can reach two tonnes, which will satisfy most families’ needs.

When it comes to fuel consumption, the Santa Fe Highlander uses about 7 litres every 100 kms. This is an impressive rate of consumption for an SUV of its size. Given the open road, you could expect this fuel economy to improve, putting some extra money back in the pocket when driving out for a weekend getaway.

Safety-wise, an ANCAP 5-star rating backs up this long list of credentials. Hyundai even offer up to 10 years of free road side assistance, so you can be sure that this is a car that will go the distance.

A modern car for the modern family

Hyundai had big families in mind when it made the 2015 Santa Fe Highlander. With all the modern comforts at an affordable price and fuel economy, this is an SUV which is equipped to stand up to the challenges of a busy, full house.

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2015 hyundai santa fe highlander interior 03

Image Courtesy of CarAdvice.com.au